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Oruç reis mah. Giyimkent 14. Sokak No:10/A ESENLER/ISTANBUL


We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the
fast growing wholesale company in Turkey.

is a  leading pharmaceutical warehouse company established in 2012  in Istanbul.We play an important role to
improve contemporary pharmacy in Turkey.We closely follow the developments of
the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry and always use Western methods.In a short
time PHARMAVERA has got the pharmaceutical warehouse license and it’s  activities are regularly inspected by the
Ministry of Health.

We  recognize the vital role  for becoming
successful in the pharmacy  market. Most
of our staff have considerable pharmacy 
and marketing experience, their professional skills have reached
international advanced level.We analyse our customers’ needs correctly.

company is fully integrated in drugs,pharmaceuticals,medical
equipments,glucose test strips,glucose meters,dermal fillers and 
International origin products  at reasonable  prices and our service is high-quality.PHARMAVERA
focuses on several different areas such as anti-cancer / anti-tumor /generic drugs,
infectious and cardiovascular diseases,skin care products ,dermatology
,oncology and the others.

We  constantly communicate with international
wholesalers, distributors and traders for their pharmaceutical & medical
requirements with global perspectives.Our market deals with pharmaceutical
& medical items,manufactured by top international companies ;
Roche,Bayer,Astra Zeneca,Allergan,Ipsen,Sanofi
Aventis,Pfizer,Servier,BMS,Lilly, etc. Such as ,Synvisc,Mabthera , Proviron,
Nolvadex, Xeloda, Altuzan ,Vidaza , Zoladex,Herceptin ,Humira , Velcade,
Tykerb,Kaletra,Viagra,Cialis, Humatrope, Genotropin, Botox, Dysport,
Juvederm,Ial System,Surgiderm,Surgilips etc.

The priority of PHARMAVERA is to enhance the relationships with its customers and provide
them the best service.